Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What qualification will I work towards?

    The ski schools we worth with in Japan are Australia owned with Australian trainers. However, we choose to work to towards the New Zealand Ski and Snowboard Instructor Qualifications (NZSIA/SBINZ). These certifications are recognised internationally and will allow you to work as an instructor in countries such as Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada.

  • Why haven’t I heard of skiing in Japan?

    Skiing in Japan is MASSIVE in Australia and New Zealand, with thousands of skiers and snowboarders heading there each winter. While not the most obviously destination, more and more Europeans are now traveling to Japan. The appeal of reliable powder snow, an authentic travel experience and a selection of delicious cuisines means it is a no brainer.

  • I can’t speak Japanese, is this a problem?

    Absolutely not, our ski school partners in Japan want English speakers. The award-winning resorts we operate within have a huge demand for English-speaking instructor to fulfill the demand for lessons. Each season hundreds of thousands of Australian, Kiwi and North American guests arrive in Japan, so there is no need to worry about language and culture.

  • Who goes on courses in Japan?

    The majority of our courses are filled by people from Britain, Australia, New Zealand or Canada. We tend to find most people are between the age of 18 and 26, but sometimes we get applicants slightly older.

  • How much does a visa cost?


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