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When starting out in the industry it can be difficult to appreciate the complexities surrounding working in a snowsports school. Unfortunately it is not as easy as gaining your certification and being able to walk into an employment position. Snowsports schools recruit qualified instructors with practical teaching experience as standard and most have an affiliation with a training provider at the very least. An industry wide problem faced by newly qualified instructors is how to gain practical teaching experience without actually being employed in the first place.

A conundrum in itself, but one that WE ARE SNO has identified, and developed a way to bypass it. We are proud to announce that each and every one of our courses gives you the opportunity to gain that all important, practical teaching experience. This ensures you can develop your on-snow skills and teaching theory over the duration of a course or season. Which in-turn enables future employment opportunities,  multiple winter seasons and longevity in the industry.

WE ARE SNO like to keep things simple, straightforward to easy to understand. Our course options are broken down into two main types and are available for both skiers and snowboarders:

  • Ski instructor internship courses (full season)
  • Ski instructor training courses (early season)
  • Snowboard instructor internship courses (full season)
  • Snowboard instructor training courses (early season)



Use the diagram below to help choose a course

WHV = Working Holiday Visa