Understanding the qualifications you need

How does it work

The International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA) is the world body for professional snowsports instructors. With ‘Ski’ in the name you might be fooled into thinking they don’t associate with snowboarders. No need to worry, they absolutely do, they just haven’t got around to changing their name yet. The ISIA sets the minimum standard requirements worldwide for the 39 National Associations within its membership. Each National Association has the responsibility for governing the snowsports curriculum in their particular country. Each has a defined progression pathway for its members to follow that is recognised around the world. Quite simply, membership of an ISIA governed National Association will give you the freedom to work on snow in some of the coolest destinations, including: Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, South America & USA.

What can I expect

The good news is; WE ARE SNO only partner with ISIA sanctioned National Associations. We ensure our clients receive the most professional training and qualifications available and always have the opportunity to work worldwide.

Which snowboard instructor qualifications are available

The National Associations we have chosen to work with are all reputable and very well established, they are:

In Canada
CASI – Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors

In Europe
SBINZ – Snowboard Instruction New Zealand

In Japan
APSI – Australian Professional Snowsport Instructors
SBINZ – Snowboard Instruction New Zealand