How to become a snowboard instructor

Living in the mountains with a close group of mates riding piste and park laps for days. Back to back winters, hemisphere hopping, goggle tans, après fun and more! Who wouldn’t want to swap their current existence for the opportunity of a lifetime? It sounds like the best job in the world and we certainly think it is.

There are many different pathways you can follow to achieve a snowboard instructor certification. The vast majority of people look toward a training provider for a comprehensive, managed, all-inclusive package. There are multiple providers on the market who offer a variety of program and certification options. Most, if not all of these providers will help you achieve your certification. But the truth is (and this is IMPORTANT); very few will have the resources to place you into an actual employment position afterwards.

WE ARE SNO have developed our courses with this difficult climate in mind. Think of us as a team of experienced alpine engineers. Building bridges and clearing pathways for our clients, which lead to fast-track employment opportunities within this difficult industry.

By guaranteeing a job offer with our internship courses we give you the necessary tools you need to be successful and we take any stress and worry out of the equation. Not only will you train and qualify as an internationally recognised snowboard instructor but we will also continue to nurture your career prospects. By placing you into an employment position within the snowsports school, you will be teaching and earning money in your dream job in the very same season.