The booking terms and conditions set out below and the general information contained on our website, documentation, and all correspondence apply to all bookings with WE ARE SNO Limited. (“WE ARE SNO” and/or “We” and/or “Us”). Updated terms may be issued from time-to-time but any changes will only be valid if WE ARE SNO Limited confirms in writing.

1.1 All bookings for courses will be on these terms and by making any payment to us or attempting to make a booking with us you will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

1.2 The information contained on our website, brochure, and all correspondence is correct to the best of our knowledge. Information including guides on expected costs have been provided in good faith and may vary to actual.


In order to secure a place on one of our courses, you must accept our terms and conditions and pay a non-refundable deposit. WE ARE SNO reserves the right to refuse an application if it is deemed the applicant is not suitable, or the course is oversubscribed.


Once your deposit payment has been received, WE ARE SNO will issue you with a confirmation of payment invoice. This confirms the following:

  • The deposit amount received

  • Any outstanding balance on your account

  • Any future payment dates

  • What is included in your package

3.1 You will be required to send future payments on the dates specified on your invoice. Once received WE ARE SNO will send you an updated invoice acknowledging payment.

3.2 You must pay your first instalment no later than six weeks after your initial deposit payment.

3.3 You must pay for your course in full no later than six weeks prior to the course start date, unless otherwise agreed.

3.4 Where exams are included in the price of your package, WE ARE SNO will only pay for the first attempt at the exam. Any retests thereafter will be the responsibility of the individual.

3.5 Any payments that are separate from your package with WE ARE SNO such as; travel, insurance, visas, and living costs will be made directly to the respective supplier and you will be bound by that particular supplier’s terms and conditions.


WE ARE SNO reserves the right to vary the price of the course before accepting your booking and prices are subject to change until full payment has been received. Variations in the price of government levies, taxes, exchange rates, and/or fuel may affect this. In the event that the price increases:

  • WE ARE SNO will absorb the first 3% of any increase and any amounts exceeding 3% will be passed on to you. If the price exceeds 10% then you are entitled to apply for a full refund in writing


You may decide to cancel your course at any time by notifying WE ARE SNO in writing (either by email or by post). Cancellations will receive no refund.

5.1 If a cancellation is made 16 weeks or more before the course start date, WE ARE SNO will consider transferring your payments and package to another course. In these circumstances the following rules apply:

  • You must transfer to a course starting the following season

  • You must cover any difference in the course fee

  • You must make your next instalment payment no later than 4 weeks after the transfer


WE ARE SNO will endeavour to inform you of any changes to your package as quickly and reasonably as possible. Whilst we will do everything in our power to avoid making changes or cancellations we reserve the right to do so.

6.1 WE ARE SNO also reserves the right to cancel your course booking, without refund, in the following circumstances:

  • If you fail to pay the balance of your account four weeks prior to your course start date as set out in clause 3.2.

  • If you fail to communicate with us up to 2 weeks after a missed instalment payment.

6.2 WE ARE SNO may be forced to change or cancel your course booking as a result of factors outside of our control. Such as war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural disasters, pandemics, epidemics, health risks, ​border closures, visa holds, ​fire, technical problems to transport, or adverse weather conditions. ​

If your course is cancelled before it commences (due to factors outside of our control) the following three options will be made available:​​

a. ​Space permitting​,​ we will transfer your course booking to an applicable programme the same season. Your full course fees would be transferred over as a credit with any additional fees for the course to be paid prior to the course starting. If the ​new ​course fees are less than your original booking, you will be refunded the difference.

​b. ​We w​ill extend an offer of company credit for ​all payments made to date. This credit will be available for you to use on any of our programmes​ the following winter season.

c. We will offer a partial refund of your course fees paid to date. We will retain 20% of your total course fees and refund you the remainder.


WE ARE SNO, its employees and representatives act only as booking agents. No liability whatsoever is accepted for any aspect of the arrangements and, in particular, any; accidents, loss, damage, injury, sickness, or death you may suffer pre, during, or post course.

7.1 WE ARE SNO cannot be held responsible for any outside arrangements you may partake in pre, during, or post course. This includes, but is not limited to, any element organised or arranged in conjunction with your package such as; accommodation, travel, visas, employment, and insurance.

7.2 WE ARE SNO accept no liability for your failure to take out an adequate travel insurance policy. Nor will we accept liability for any associated costs.

7.3 WE ARE SNO’s liability in respect of all other losses shall be limited to the invoiced value of the programme.

7.4 WE ARE SNO has no control whatsoever over weather conditions, forecasting, or the reporting of. Therefore, it is agreed that WE ARE SNO cannot guarantee the quality or quantity of snow or conditions and does not accept any liability for cancellation or interruption to your course.

7.5 Photographs and videos are often taken of participants during our courses. These photographs and videos can be used in WE ARE SNO’s website, publications, and social media channels. If you do not consent to us using your imagery or video please advise us in writing prior to your course commencing. Furthermore, where photographs and videos have been provided to WE ARE SNO, the owner of such recordings shall be deemed to have provided WE ARE SNO with a royalty free licence to use, edit, and copy as they see fit.

7.6 If you require a visa to participate in one of our programmes assistance and guidance will be provided to help you apply. However, due to factors outside our control we cannot guarantee your application will be successful. Obtaining a visa is considered to be an outside arrangement and does not form part of your package (see clause 7.1). If you are unable to obtain a visa, and therefore unable to undertake employment, you will not be entitled to any refund. In these circumstances the following rules apply:

  • You may transfer to another course ​location for the same season (spaces permitting)

  • You m​ay​ transfer to a course starting the following season


You must ensure that you have all of the required documentation ready prior to the start of your course. Such as (but not limited to); travel documentation, travel insurance, passport, visas, international driving license (if required). If you are unable to travel due to having incorrect or incomplete documentation you will be responsible for any associated extra costs.

8.1 You agree to purchase personal travel insurance with adequate winter sports cover at least 16 weeks prior to the start of your course. WE ARE SNO recommends that all participants purchase personal travel insurance as soon as their course dates have been confirmed.

8.2 You are aware that the course which you are booking can be physically demanding. You agree that you are in appropriate physical and mental condition to undertake the course. You are obliged to inform WE ARE SNO of any medical condition or pre existing medical condition that could affect your performance on the course.

8.3 You agree to conduct yourself with propriety at all times and not disrupt the enjoyment of others on the course. Any behaviour deemed to be unsuitable or that harms the reputation of WE ARE SNO, will result in the individual/s being removed from the course. WE ARE SNO will be entitled to recover the cost of any damage or loss caused by the individual/s. No refunds will be payable for any unused components of the package.

8.4 The snowsports school providing the training and/or employment can impose their own code of conduct. They reserve the right to offer or terminate employment contracts, and/or to remove any course participants who repeatedly breach behavioural and presentation standards. No refunds will be payable for any unused components of the package.

8.5 You may be required to pay a damage deposit against accommodation, equipment, or uniform during your course. It is important that you carry out a thorough inspection on arrival or upon receipt to ensure there are no existing damage or defects. If you do not identify damage or defects at this initial stage then it is likely they will be attributed to you at the end of your use and in this case you would be liable for any costs associated.


WE ARE SNO will endeavour to settle any complaints amicably and promptly. If you should have any problems whilst participating on a course you should inform your WE ARE SNO programme manager in writing. Any further complaints must be made within 28 days of the end of your course. WE ARE SNO will address a complaint within 5 working days of the written receipt.