The World’s Best Powder: Why You Should Do a Ski Instructor Internship in Niseko

Ski Instructor Apprenticeships in Canada, Japan and Europe
March 9, 2017 Edwyn Raine

Ever wanted to do ski season abroad but not had any useful skills to get yourself employment? This used to be a problem, but a new breed of ski instructor courses called apprenticeships (or internships) have changed this.

Find out how a skiing apprenticeship can help you live that dream ski season after all!

What is a ski instructor apprenticeship?

A ski instructor apprenticeship is a course that combines key elements to a winter season as a skiing instructor, these include:
• Instructor Training in a resort of your choice
• Accommodation while you are training
• Examinations process to become certified
• A paid instructor job offer for when you qualify

This means within 4 weeks of starting your instructor training you can be teaching people to ski and earning money.

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How long does it last?

A level 1 training course is roughly 4 weeks long, and a level 2 training course will be considerably more than this. It is recommended that you aim to achieve level 1 if you are starting from a basis of no instructor experience.

From here, the employment can last as long as the ski school employer requires. This is sometimes only for busy periods around Christmas, but it can also be for the entire season!

Where can I do an apprenticeship?

Ski Apprenticeships can be done in many countries over the world, pretty much anywhere that has a demand for instructors. That said, the most common countries to do them would be in Japan, Canada, Europe, New Zealand or USA. Japan in particular is a great location for this type of ski instructor course because many of the ski schools struggle to find English-speaking instructors – both ski and snowboard.

What is the benefit of doing one?

Once qualified, you can take your qualification anywhere in the world – ski and snowboard instructor qualifications are accepted across the world, even if they are registered with one examination board.

This essentially means that you open yourself up to not only a great winter season, but an entire career in the industry if you want it!

How do I get started?

If this sounds interesting to you, see if you qualify here.

We will get in contact and send you some further information about resorts that may be of interest to you.


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